Set of 2 Express your Love to Mom & Dad with Peace Lily Plant & Money Plant Green


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Express love to Mom & Dad with our thoughtful set of 2. A graceful Peace Lily brings tranquility, while the vibrant Money Plant symbolizes prosperity. A heartfelt and enduring gift for your cherished parents.

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Celebrate your parents with our thoughtful Set of 2: Express your Love to Mom & Dad. This set features a graceful Peace Lily Plant and a vibrant Money Plant Green, embodying love, prosperity, and gratitude.

Key Features:

  1. Peace Lily for Mom: The Peace Lily, with its elegant white blooms, symbolizes purity and tranquility. Perfect for adding a touch of serenity to your mom’s living space.
  2. Money Plant Green for Dad: The Money Plant is associated with prosperity and positive energy. Its cascading vines bring a sense of abundance and growth, making it an ideal gift for Dad.
  3. Expressive Gift: Each plant is carefully chosen to convey sentiments of love and appreciation. The combination of the Peace Lily and Money Plant Green creates a meaningful and enduring gift.
  4. Eco-Friendly Packaging: We prioritize sustainability, and our set is thoughtfully packaged using eco-friendly materials, reflecting our commitment to the environment.

Care Instructions:

  • Light: Provide bright, indirect light for the Peace Lily and well-lit conditions for the Money Plant Green.
  • Water: Keep the soil consistently moist for the Peace Lily and water the Money Plant Green when the top inch of soil feels dry.
  • Maintenance: Remove spent blooms from the Peace Lily and trim or train the Money Plant Green as needed for desired shape.

Perfect Gift for:

  • Parents’ Anniversary: Express love and admiration on their special day.
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: A heartfelt gesture to celebrate Mom and Dad individually.
  • Gratitude Moments: Show appreciation for the love and support your parents have given throughout the years.

Elevate your expressions of love with the Set of 2: Express your Love to Mom & Dad, a thoughtful and enduring gift that brings together the beauty of nature and the sentiments of gratitude. Order now to celebrate and honor your parents in a meaningful way.

Please Note:

Dispatchment time : 2-4 Working Days

For Selected Cities Express Delivery Available with additional charges.


Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)For Set of 2 Express your Love to Mom & Dad with  Peace Lily Plant and  Money Plant Green:

1. How often should I water the Peace Lily Plant in the set? Water the Peace Lily when the top inch of soil feels dry. Ensure proper drainage to prevent overwatering, and keep the soil consistently moist for optimal growth.

2. Can the Peace Lily be placed in low light conditions? While Peace Lilies can tolerate lower light, they thrive in bright, indirect light. Place them in a location with ample natural light for best results.

3. What care does the Money Plant Green require in terms of sunlight? Money Plant Green prefers well-lit conditions but can tolerate indirect sunlight. Keep it in a spot where it receives bright, indirect light for a few hours daily.

4. Is it necessary to fertilize the Money Plant Green? While Money Plants are relatively low-maintenance, you can fertilize them during the growing season with a balanced liquid fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer packaging.

5. Can the Money Plant Green be grown in water or only in soil? Money Plants can be grown in both soil and water. If growing in water, change the water regularly to maintain plant health.

6. Can I repot the plants if needed, and when is the best time to do so? Yes, you can repot the plants if they outgrow their current containers. The best time for repotting is typically during the growing season, in spring or early summer.

7. Are the plants safe for pets? While Peace Lilies are toxic to pets if ingested, Money Plants are generally considered safe. However, it’s advisable to keep all plants out of reach of pets.

8. How can I promote flowering in the Peace Lily Plant? Ensure the Peace Lily receives proper light and consistent watering. Prune spent blooms, and occasionally fertilize during the growing season to encourage flowering.

9. What is the expected delivery time for the Set of 2 Express your Love to Mom & Dad? Delivery times may vary. Please check our shipping information or contact customer support for specific delivery estimates and options.

251 reviews for Set of 2 Express your Love to Mom & Dad with Peace Lily Plant & Money Plant Green

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    Great, tooo good.must buy. Plant was delivered on time, but left ideal on my doorstep for 20 days in packaged condition, as I was hospitalized for COVID. I was actually sad , I wasted here. Even after 20 days my plant survived and growing fine. Writing this review after two months of growth performance

  139. Megha Das (verified owner)

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  217. Ankita Mhadye (verified owner)

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  219. Sweety Sharma (verified owner)

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  220. Rajdip Parmar (verified owner)

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    Love it….come in good condition

  222. Ruchi Choudhary (verified owner)

    Cute plant..consumes very less space

  223. Pooja Singh (verified owner)

    Lovely pot but seems to be little costly

  224. RATAN KUMAR (verified owner)


  225. Ashish Mohanty (verified owner)

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  226. praveen kumar (verified owner)


  227. Sanjay Gayakwad (verified owner)

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  228. Jai Singh (verified owner)

    Amazing plant.??

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    Just received this plant today and it’s just amazing at this price

  230. Priya Rajput (verified owner)

    beautiful plant i love it ,price worthy just go for it its amazing

  231. Mukut Deori (verified owner)

    Good ????

  232. Tushar D. (verified owner)

    it may cost more but adds beauty to plants.

  233. Mainak Paul (verified owner)

    Looking nice

  234. sindu puthiya purayil (verified owner)

    Was in ok ok condition

  235. Abhilash Thakur (verified owner)

    received ahealthy plant. happy?

  236. Malin Bhagabati (verified owner)

    Gud. But petals lessing.

  237. Soumajit Dhar (verified owner)


  238. Madhab Das (verified owner)

    Nice Healthy plants but the pot is too small for this price .Thank you

  239. Leema Rabha (verified owner)

    Beautiful ??

  240. Vijaya Kumar (verified owner)

    Very little plants but good

  241. Shital Lambole (verified owner)


  242. Anoop Srivastava (verified owner)

    Gud product ?

  243. Swati (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase from nationbloom. Received both the plants and other products 6 days after shipping. The plants are in excellent condition after having been on the road for so long.

  244. Dipa Saha Roy (verified owner)

    it’s mind blowing

  245. Priyanka Sinha (verified owner)

    good plant and good looking center piece for my dining table

  246. sonam pandey (verified owner)

    Very small, but alive plant I got, it was nicely packed, good,

  247. Kavita Sharma (verified owner)

    awesome plant for indoors

  248. Danish Anwar (verified owner)

    Nys product…

  249. Rupali Sinha (verified owner)


  250. Puspa Saikia (verified owner)

    Super good plant I am sooooooooooo much happy

  251. Riswana Ameer (verified owner)

    Beautiful one, the pot size could have been one size up.

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