Perlite 500 GM for Terrace Gardening, Hydroponics, Horticulture use & potting Soil Conditioner Healthy Roots


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  • Ensures 100 % germination of seeds and root cuttings with very little watering.
  • exfoliated Perlite particles create tiny air tunnels which allow moisture, oxygen and nutrients to flow freely to roots, as and when required by the plants. It also serves as an insulator to reduce extreme soil temperature fluctuations. Improves structure and texture of clayey and silt soils prevents soil compaction and surface crusting
  • Perlite supports plants growth faster
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  • Perlite is a white, sterile propagating medium used by growers to keep soil loose, allowing air and water to reach roots. It is ideal for seeds germination, for potting plants, to root cuttings, to hold cut flower and to help establish new lawns. In horticulture, perlite can be used as a soil amendment or alone as a medium for hydroponics or for starting cuttings. All of these are natural minerals, and are often part of other soil blends. It has a pH of 6.6 to 7.5.
  • Perlite is quite porous. The cavities in perlite help store nutrients and some moisture that the plant might need, but drain excess water away. It is non-toxic, clean, disease-free, and extremely lightweight and easy to work with. Its has been observed that perlite will form powdery residue due to storage and tranportation and its accepted by industry standards.
  • Perlite is a natural filtration system, allowing excess water to easily drain away while retaining a little moisture and catching nutrients that plants need to grow. This is especially true in raised beds and container gardens, but also in the ground as well.
  • Airflow in the soil is greatly improved in a bed amended with perlite, and that’s necessary both for your plant’s roots to breathe and for any worms, beneficial nematodes, and other good natural garden inhabitants. Because it’s a mineral glass and thus harder than the soil around it, it also helps to slow down compaction, and keeps your soil fluffy and lightweight.

9 reviews for Perlite 500 GM for Terrace Gardening, Hydroponics, Horticulture use & potting Soil Conditioner Healthy Roots

  1. Shankar Singuru (verified owner)

    The plant are fresh but pot can be said Little small.yes it is value for money

  2. dev varun (verified owner)

    Was expecting more healthy plants but received ones was not upto good. Overall ok.

  3. Subhashree Sankhua (verified owner)

    It is very good plant for our house

  4. Reetu Prabha (verified owner)

    I love this plant

  5. Pravasini Das (verified owner)

    Very nice ….value for money .

  6. Anu K N Unni (verified owner)

    Very nice but pot is very small ???

  7. Rekha S (verified owner)

    Cute,& Great look …love it…

  8. Wasim Raja (verified owner)

    Plant was good. But packing is too bad…

  9. NS Sidhu (verified owner)

    The packing was awesome. They are of good size. Its been a good buy.

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