Cineraria Mixed Color Flowering Seeds


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Cinerarias are a true Annual, and only flower once.Bloom beautiful flowers at your place to freshen your everyday with Cineraria Mixed Color Flowering Seeds

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  • Cineraria Mixed Color Flowering Seeds

  • Quantity : around 100 seeds


Germination Rate : Min 70.00%
Sunlight : Full/Partial
Life-cycle : Annual
Ease-of-care: Easy

Although these flowering plants like bright light, they cannot tolerate direct sunlight. They do well when potted in a peat-based soil that is kept moist, but not overly wet. The flowers start to wilt if they don’t get the conditions they like.
The cineraria plants grown in shady conditions display the most intense colours. Planting the seedlings in a well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter results in healthy blooms. You can add mulch around the plants when the seedlings begin to grow, to retain moisture in the soil and keep the ground cool.
Cinerarias are excellent flowering plants for containers, bedding and landscape plantings. Besides being stunning ornamental plants, they are also used for the purpose of topical application for the treatment of cataracts.


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