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As described in the ancient literature as Vajradhanthi Plant has its potential role in the whitening of teeth. Thus, various dental brand products have named themselves before it! The plant is of great Ayurvedic importance. According to the biological nomenclature it is known as Barleria prionitis.

How about growing the natural and pious Vajradhanthi Plant at home and enjoying its ornamental properties? Nowadays, one can also find Vajradanti Plants online at affordable ranges and of good quality!


Plant Specifications:

Plant Height 60-65 cm
-Plant Spread 15-20 cm


Plant Facts:

  • The plant is a shrub and belongs to Family Acanthaceae
  • Vajradhanthi Plant is also known as “the porcupine flower”
  • The meaning of Vajradanti is diamond like-teeth


Vajradanti Plant Details:

Flower Color Yellowish white
Flower size Small sized
Common Name Vajradhanthi Plant, Katsaraiya, Piyabansa, Barleria prionitis, kuranta
Leaf Color Green
Leaf Shape Oblong
Leaf Arrangement alternate
Maximum Reachable Height 20 ft
Plant Fragrance Aromatic blossoms
Visual Beauty Attractive
Bloom Time Summer
Growing difficulty level Easy to grow


Bakul Plant Benefits:

  • The plant is also known for the strong aromatic fragrance it imparts
  • Vajradhanthi Plant is used to treat cough, asthma, jaundice, and sore throat
  • The plant also has a potential role in the treatment of Eczema, tuberculosis, and bronchitis


Vajradanti Plant Care Information:

Optimum Growth Temperature 25-30 ℃
Optimum Soil Requirement Moist, Fertile Soil
Optimum Light Requirement Vajradhanthi Plant needs Full sunlight
Container Specifications Well drained Pot
Watering Requirements Moderate watering is required
Fertilizing Requirements Organic fertilizers


Bakul Plant Care Instructions:

Bakul Plant Planting:

  • Although the plant can grow well in the indoor environment, it is advised that the plant should be grown in an area that receives proper sunlight

  • To reduce the toxic contents of fertilizers, it should be mixed with water whenever applied


  • Try to use organic fertilizers to ensure no chemical degrades plant quality
  • The dead and damaged plants in the plantation area should be removed manually using the garbage collector.

Bakul Plant Watering Tip:

  • To keep the Bakul Plant intact, watering should be done when the plant container or soil has dried and between 8-10 AM in the morning

Seasonal Watering Requirement:

  • Watering frequency should be regulated. It should be done more often during summers and should be gradually reduced during winters and rainy seasons
  • Make sure that the Bakul Plant receives full natural bright sunlight and proper humidity to avoid slowing down its germination


Since the plant has potential medicinal and herbal properties and is very good for oral health and hygiene, it should be considered to be grown in indoor gardens and nurseries. The plant also has a low maintenance cost and if you wish to establish a home garden quickly then have a look at the Vajradhanthi Plant online collection. 


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