Adenium Pink Plant




One of the popular succulent bush plants native to the Sahara desert is the Adenium plant. It is a tropical flowering plant found in Arabia and some parts of Africa. The plant is widely grown as a houseplant for its adaptable properties and ornamental importance.

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Plant Specifications:

Plant Height

15-30 cm

Plant Spread

10 cm

Plant Facts:

  • Adeniums are slow-growing, succulent, and tropical plants
  • The trunk of the plant is usually swollen and helps in water conservation
  • It can tolerate up to 40 degrees Celsius temperature

Adenium Plant Details:

Flower Color


Flower size


Common Name

Desert rose, Adenium

Leaf Color


Leaf Shape


Leaf Arrangement

Simple, Alternate

Maximum Reachable Height

1 feet

Plant Fragrance


Plant Taste

Bitter, Poisonous

Visual Beauty


Bloom Time

Annual Plant

Growing difficulty level

Easy to grow

Plant Benefits:

  • The plant is widely used to provide relief from skin infections and acne
  • The plant also has oral therapy utilization and is used to treat toothaches
  • The plant is also used to treat ulcers and wounds

 Plant Care Information:

Optimum Growth Temperature

22-35 ℃

Optimum Soil Requirement

Sandy, Fertile Soil

Optimum Light Requirement

Natural Bright light

Container Specifications

Well drained Pot

Watering Requirements

Frequent watering is required

Fertilizing Requirements

Organic fertilizers

Adenium Plant Care Instructions:


  • Although the plant can grow well in an indoor environment, it is advised that the plant should be grown in an area that receives proper and indirect sunlight
  • Re-plotting should be carried out once after 2-3 weeks and in the evening only


  • To reduce the toxic contents of fertilizers, it should be mixed with water whenever applied    
  • Try to use organic fertilizers to ensure no chemical degrades plant quality

Watering Tip:

  • To keep the plant intact, watering should be done when the plant container or soil has dried
  • Do not water the leaves of the plant as it may result in fungal infections

Pest Treatment:

  • Use proper sprays and insecticides frequently to remove the pests and dead plant parts from the planting area

Seasonal Watering Requirement:

  • Watering frequency should be regulated. It should be done more often during summers and should be gradually reduced during winters and rainy seasons

 Sowing Tip:

  • Make sure that the plant receives full natural bright sunlight and proper humidity to avoid slowing down its germination

The plant's phytochemicals ingredients are quite essential for human body growth and development. Also, the plant is easy to grow, low maintenance, and tolerant, therefore, it should be grown in indoor households and in nurseries. If you wish to establish a home garden quickly then have a look at the Adenium Plant online collection.


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