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Welcome to all offers page, where green dreams come to life! Explore our All Offers page and immerse yourself in a world of botanical wonders. We’ve curated a diverse collection of plants to suit every taste and style. From lush foliage to vibrant blooms, our online nursery is your go-to destination for all things green. Take advantage of our exclusive offers and transform your space into a thriving oasis. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

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Limited-Time Deals

  1. Seasonal Specials: Embrace the changing seasons with our handpicked selection of seasonal plants. Whether it’s spring blossoms, summer greens, or autumn hues, our limited-time offers bring the best of each season to your doorstep.
  2. Flash Sales: Act fast and snag incredible discounts on popular plants during our flash sales. These short-lived promotions are your chance to bring home your favorite green companions at unbeatable prices.

Bundle Bonanza

  1. Starter Packs: Just beginning your plant journey? Our Starter Packs are curated with beginners in mind, featuring a mix of easy-to-care-for plants, pots, and care instructions to kickstart your plant parenting adventure.
  2. Themed Collections: Elevate your space with our curated themed collections. From air-purifying plants for a healthier home to succulent assortments for the desert vibes, our collections offer a cohesive and stylish way to decorate your space.

Loyalty Rewards

  1. Plant Points: Join our loyalty program and earn Plant Points with every purchase. Redeem these points for exclusive discounts, freebies, and special offers. The more you shop, the more your garden grows, and so do your rewards!

Seasonal Discounts

  1. Holiday Specials: Celebrate the festive season with our holiday-themed plant offerings. Whether it’s Christmas poinsettias, Valentine’s Day roses, or spooky Halloween succulents, we’ve got your holidays covered with green flair. COUPON CODE : FESTIVAL
  2. Summer Splash: Dive into summer with our sizzling hot deals on sun-loving plants. Brighten up your outdoor space or bring the sunshine indoors with our summer-friendly plant selections. 69rs delivery charges waiver, COUPON CODE : SUMMEROF69

Clearance Corner

  1. Last Chance Offers: Explore our clearance corner for amazing deals on end-of-season plants and discontinued favorites. It’s your last chance to grab these beauties before they’re gone, so don’t miss out!

Weekly Specials

  1. Plant of the Week: Discover a new star in our collection every week with our Plant of the Week special. Enjoy exclusive discounts on the spotlighted plant and expand your green family.
  2. Wednesday Wellness(22% oFF, Min purchase value 5000Rs): Beat the midweek blues with our Wednesday Wellness offers. Enjoy discounts on selected plants known for their air-purifying properties and mood-boosting benefits. COUPON CODE : WEDNESDAYGREENS