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These green walls that offer a recreation of the rainforest have grown in popularity in Australia over the last few years. During this time they have taken on a style of their own which is ever-evolving. This type of wall is known as a vertical garden, where you can grow anything you want from herbs to fruits to vegetables. From the name itself, you can already guess that it requires you to take full advantage of your wall’s upward space.

Nationbloom are not just limited to walls they can be grown on fences and gates also. These usually underutilised parts of your outdoor space can be transformed into something lush with green gardens. You can choose to brighten up your home or grow food – or both.

What is a Nationbloom

Vertical gardens are popular all over the world, including Australia. They are a perfect alternative for those who do not have enough space for a traditional garden. They are designed to resemble natural wall ecologies, and you do not need to observe them closely to see how they mimic plants that grow on trees or rock faces in the wild.

For many homeowners and even businesspeople, vertical gardens are a wonderful addition to their garden. They bring colour and movement to a space that would have been bland without them. Plus, they also act as great sound buffers. These wall gardens are also ideal for those who want to diffuse harsh light. Since plants can cleanse the air, having a vertical garden can also help improve the quality of air in your surroundings.

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Installing a living wall is one way to help the environment, helping to provide oxygen just like other forms of gardens & flora. Your garden can also be an effective way of cooling off ambient heat. Studies have also proven that gardens, including green walls, can benefit the mind and body. These physical and mental health benefits are even more effective for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Having a garden can help satiate people’s biophilia, which is the urge to stay connected with nature.

Several pieces of evidence show that a few minutes of enjoying greenery views can help reduce anger, anxiety, and pain. Therefore, your garden can be a source of relaxation and peace.

How Easy Is It To Grow One?

If you are an experienced gardener and you are proud of your green thumb, you may be able to take on the challenge of creating a green wall in your garden. However, this task is not recommended for those who cannot commit themselves to maintain the green wall unless they are willing to hire a specialist.

  • Nationbloom are often hard to take care of. The plants will require regular watering and need to be provided with nutrients daily. Walled gardens require automated irrigation systems, investing in one that has a timer will make sure the plants will never dry out.
  • You need to keep the water supply easily available to the plants. The amount of water you will provide will depend on the type of plants you will be growing. For instance, if you plan to have an edible garden with either fruits or vegetables, you need to fertilise and water it more than a regular garden.
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Aside from maintenance, one of the most difficult aspects of growing your vertical garden is to choose the plants wisely.

Contrary to popular belief, not all plants can be added to a green wall garden. Some of the best options include fuschia, begonia, ferns, anthuriums, and crassula.

The plants are just one aspect you need to think about because you also need to examine the conditions of the wall. The good news is that almost all vertical surfaces will work.

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